standard-title Rentals


Tools can be Rented by ½ Day, Daily, Weekly or Monthly

Lawnmower or 4-wheeler lift

Ensine Hoist & Panel Lift

(2) 36″ Power Trowels- (Gas)
Trash Pump 2″ Hose (Gas)
Trash Pump 3″ Hose (Gas)
Skar Water Pump 2”
Mud Pump 3: Hose (Gas)

Power Screed- (Gas)

Cement Mixer- 2 Bag- (Elect.)

Concrete and Finishing
20” Concrete Rake (Manual)
Mortar Mixer (Tow Behind – Gas)
Bull Float 4′ with (3) 6′ Extensions and EZ Tilt (Manual)
Concrete Vibrator 1 1/2″ Head (Electric)
Concrete Mixer 2 Cubic Ft. (Gas)
Power Screed King 12′ Screed Bar (Gas)
Strone Power Trowel 36″ 4 blade (Gas)
MBW 36” Power Trowel (Gas)
55,000 BTU Torpedo Heater (Kero)
100,000 BTU Torpedo Heater (Kero)
350,000 BTU Torpedo Heater (Kero)
125,000 BTU Torpedo Heater (LP)

Air Compressors
5 Gallon Rol-Air
Porter Cable 6 Gallon 150 PSI
6 Gallon Bostich
Test Mark 10 Gallon Air Compressor

Breakers & Drills
Rotary Hammer Drill 1 1/2″
Core Drill (Wall)
Dymo Floor Drill
(2)Handheld BOSCH Breaker 40 lb. (Electric)
(2)Upright BOSCH Breaker 60 lb. (Electric)
Tradesmen Compound Miter Saw 10″
Delta Compound Miter Saw 10″
Ryobi Table Saw 10″ Portable (Electric)
MK Tile Saw 10″ (Electric)
Compound Miter Saw 12″
Dewalt Chop Saw14″ (Metal Cutting Blade)
Solo 14” Gas Saw
14” Road Saw Gas
Partner K1250 16″ Demolition Saw
Lawn and garden
Hedge Trimmer (Elec.)
Manual Post Hole Digger
4’ screed/Landscape Rake (Manual & Gas Powered)
Lawn Roller – Towable
Pole Pruner and Saw (Manual)
One Man Power Auger (Gas)
Rototillers Front Tine, Mid Tine, Rear Tine 5.5 HP (Gas)
9 HP Towable Auger (2” Ball) – (Gas)
Towable Chipper 6” cap. (2” Ball) – (Gas)
5 HP Chipper
Stump Grinder (Gas)
Power Paddle (Gas)
Lawn Edger
Lawn Seeder (Push)
Lawn Seeder (Tow Behind)
Leaf Blower (Wheels)
Wood Splitter (2” ball)
Trencher (Gas)
Manual plate Tamper 10” X 10”
Hand Tamper

“Stone” Plate Tamper- (Gas)

“MBW” Plate Tamper- (Gas)
Carpet Seam Roller (Manual)
Carpet Knee Kicker
18 Gauge Floor Stapler
Aqua Dry Carpet and Floor Dryer
Linoleum Roller 100 lb. (Manual)
Orbital Floor Sander

1000 Watt Digital (Gas)
2900 Watt MMD
5000 Watt Honda CL
6500 Watt Honda CL
Drain Snakes
Mini-Rooter Drain Snake 75’ – Up to 2″ Drain
General Easy Rooter 100 ‘ – ¾” up to 4” Drain
Pressure Washers
2450 psi Craftmans
3000 psi Troy-Bilt
Hot Water Washer
Panting and Drywall
Spray Tech Sprayer
12’ High Panel Lift
Small Paint Sprayer
Group Functions
Tables – 6’
Hand Magnet
Large Wheel Magnet
Measuring Wheel 1000’
Sander (Tabletop)
Lg. Laser (Dewalt)
Small Laser (Johnson)
Lg. 48” Barn Fan
Appliance Dolly
Snow Rake
Engine Hoist 2500 lbs.
Blades & Fasteners
Cut-Off Wheels – 12” Metal
Cut-Off Wheels – 12” Asphalt
Cut-Off Wheels – 14” Metal
Cut-Off Wheels – 16” Metal
Flooring Nails
2” 16 ga. T-Nails
Floor Sander Sheets
100 Grit
80 Grit
60 Grit
36 Grit
20 Grit